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Thorkild Tylleskar, Prof, MD, PhD, MA

Institution: University of Bergen

Department: Centre for International Health

City: Bergen

Country: Norway

Thorkild Tylleskär is a paediatrician and professor in International Health since 2001. His focus is on child health in a global perspective, nutrition, HIV and health informatics. He has his medical degree, his PhD training and his specialist training in paediatrics from Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital. In addition, he has a French Master in African Linguistics from Sorbonne University after field work in present-day Democratic Republic of Congo (former Zaire). His medical thesis in 1994 describes the toxico-nutritional causation of ‘konzo’, a paralytic disorder permanently crippling women and children in some pockets in Africa, Since his appointment as full professor in Bergen, Norway his focus has been shared between 1) child health and nutrition, especially on the nutritional problems accentuated by HIV and how to solve the breastfeeding and postnatal HIV transmission, 2) birth care and 3) improved data collection and management for health in low resource settings.

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