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Aileen K Ho

Affiliation: University of Reading, School of Psychology, 3 Earley Gate, WhiteKnights Road, Reading, RG6 6AL

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Cognitive follow up of a small cohort of Huntington’s disease patients over a 5 year period.

A small group of patients with manifest Huntington’s disease (HD) were followed longitudinally to assess cognitive decline in relation to time from disease diagnosis. This article looks at performance on a range of computerised and pencil and paper cognitive tasks in patients 5 years post diagnosis, who were assessed annually for a 5 year follow up period. The almost universal cognitive decline reported in other longitudinal studies of HD was not replicated in this study. It was proposed that longitudinal follow up in HD is complicated by the varying degree to which different tasks are able to withstand repeated administration; a finding which would have significant implications on study design in future trials of cognitive enhansing interventions.