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Wladimir J. Alonso

Institution: University of São Paulo

Department: Laboratory for Human Evolutionary and Ecological Studies

City: São Paulo

State: SP

Country: Brazil

I started my research career on the evolution of biological complexity and altruism, and later performed field and lab studies on ecology and animal behavior. I've been working in global health where I pioneered the analyses of latitudinal gradients of seasonal parameters of diseases (later adopted by the US Center for Disease Control and other institutions) and the analyses that revealed that the annual vaccination of influenza is administered at the wrong time in the tropics. I teach workshops on data visualization and time-series analysis to audiences of epidemiologists, biologists, physicians and public health professionals around the world. I enjoy empowering individuals to understand complexity through data visualization and developing friendly analytical tools (e.g. I also published papers on topics such as vaccination policies, catastrophe preparedness, evolution of colors in animals, history of science and cognitive evolution.

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