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Jean-Claude Desenclos

Institution: Santé publique France

Affiliation: Director for science

Department: General Directorate

City: Saint-Maurice

Country: France

After several years of medical general practice and humanitarian involvements through Médecins Sans Frontiéres, Jean-Claude Desenclos moved to public health. After working 3 years at the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention as a medical epidemiologist he integrated the newly created national French surveillance institute (Institut de Veille Sanitaire [InVS]) in 1993. He has been the head of the department of infectious diseases for 12 years and became the scientific director of the InVS in 2007, position in which he remains since the creation of Santé publique France. Jean-Claude Desenclos is the author or co-author of 200 international scientific publications and editor of a French textbook in epidemiology (Epidémiologie de terrain, Edition John Libbey, 2012). He is affiliated to the Paris doctoral school of public health where he supervised PhD students. He is member of numerous scientific committee and advisory board in France or Europe. He is associated editor for the European Journal of Epidemiology, Plos currents Outbreak and BMC Infectious diseases. He is the secretary general of the International Association of National Public Health Institute (IANPHI;

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