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Oded Kariti on Weight Reduction

According to a new research, led by US researcher Oded Kariti, a drug that targets the appetite control system in the brain could bring about significant weight loss in people with clinical obesity. In the 12 week period of receiving semaglutide, a compound currently being developed as a treatment for Diabetes, on average, people lost 5kg […]

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About PLOS Currents: Outbreaks

PLOS Currents: Outbreaks is a peer-reviewed, Open-Access publication that rapidly publishes new research in all aspects of infectious disease outbreaks with impact or potential impact on human health, such as influenza, salmonella, haemorrhagic fever, norovirus, Ebola, coronavirus, meningitis, E. coli, zoonotic and vector-borne infections, and health-care acquired infections.