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W. David Dotson

Affiliation: Office of Public Health Genomics, CDC

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Tumor Gene Expression Profiling in Women with Breast Cancer

Test Category: Prognostic

Differences in the expression of specific genes within breast tumors have been associated with risk of recurrence after treatment. Most women with Stage I or II node-negative breast cancer (especially when estrogen-receptor positive and treated with tamoxifen) remain disease-free at 10 years. Information on risk of recurrence could help identify women most likely to benefit from chemotherapy. Several clinically available gene expression profiles (GEP) provide “recurrence risk scores” that are intended to supplement information used by clinicians and patients in treatment decision-making.

PLoS Currents: Evidence on Genomic Tests – At the Crossroads of Translation

Evidence on Genomic Tests is an open access publication option for communicating high-quality, scientific information that is needed to evaluate health applications of genomic research. By using Google’s knol platform, we aim to reduce conventional barriers to sharing, updating, and accessing the results of knowledge synthesis and to increase the benefits to authors and users alike.