Aims and Scope

PLOS Currents: Influenza is an open-access publication from the Public Library of Science for the rapid communication of new research results and operational analyses.

The continuing public health burden due to influenza highlights the need for the rapid exchange of scientific results and ideas. PLOS Currents: Influenza aims to enable this exchange by providing an open-access publication venue for immediate, open communication and discussion of new scientific data, analyses, and ideas in the field of influenza.

PLOS Currents: Influenza is a way to share results and ideas immediately while ensuring that they will be permanently archived and citable, and it provides immediate open access to all content, ensuring that authors reach the widest possible audience. The content is published under a Creative Commons Attribution License, enabling unrestricted distribution and use of the published materials, provided that its authors are properly credited. Every accepted submission receives a permanent identifier that can be linked to and cited in other publications.

All aspects of research into influenza are considered. Topics include (but are not limited to) influenza virology, genetics, immunity, structural biology, genomics, epidemiology, modeling, evolution, policy and control.

The submissions are reviewed by a group of leading researchers in the field – the Board of Reviewers. The reviewers make a rapid determination as to whether a contribution is intelligible, relevant, ethical and scientifically credible, but will otherwise not impose restrictions on the nature, format or content of the contributions. Those submissions deemed appropriate are posted immediately at PLOS Currents: Influenza and publicly archived at PubMed Central.

It is assumed, and encouraged, that submissions will often report preliminary data and conclusions, and it will be possible to revise contributions, for example in light of new data. Such revisions will also be subject to approval by the Reviewer Board, and different versions of the same article will be identifiable and all versions will be archived and separately citable.

The content in PLOS Currents: Influenza is subject to the standard PLOS Terms of Use.